How To Start A Blog In 2023?


How to start a blog in 5 steps: an easy way for beginners


How to start a blog in 5 steps: an easy way for beginners

start a blog by Following these 5 steps and make money:

1-Choose your blog name and choose a suitable niche

First, pick a name and niche for your new blog.

Your blog’s name is what readers will see first (like, so it should ideally represent either the general topics you’ll be writing about, the name of your business,  or otherwise.

Your niche blog is the general subject area around which you will focus your content. Examples include blogging topics such as travel, fashion, social media, health, technology, and more. Including a word or two that clearly indicates what your content is about, within your blog name ( - and choosing a generic, easy-to-remember name that your visitors won't forget will be very useful to your future blog readers.

Many sites give you a choice to buy a domain name at a low price, the most famous of which is Namecheap

2-choice best blogging platform

In this paragraph, I will not unite much, because there are two well-known sites known to everyone, blogger and WordPress, each of which gives you the right to publish your blog on the Internet for free, and there are options to modify your site as you want.

While the choice is yours if you want to take full advantage of your blog, be able to have it grow with you, and eventually make money from it.

3-Design your blog with a free  theme

Designing your blog is the time when you may start to feel some difficulty in the work (if you have not created a site before), but this does not scare you because there are many free templates on the Google site that you can search for and install them on the blogging site that you chose in the previous step. Each template is distinguished from the rest of the templates by many features, there are free and paid templates, and free templates remain the best choice for you as a beginner.

4. Write your first blog 

You don’t read a blog because it looks nice or because they publish frequently. 

You read a blog because you care about what it says. Creating high-quality content is what will bring you readers and help you to eventually make money.

To write a successful blog, you must meet a set of conditions, such as SEO (search engine optimization), which is what displays your blog on the first pages of the search, and instead of bringing in a lot of readers and bloggers, which means bringing in greater profits, and you can learn SEO from many places such as YouTube or take paid courses, and the last option seems to be the best, so to facilitate your work, it is to take a subscription to sites that allow you all of the above in exchange for monthly or annual amounts, and these sites allow you to make mistakes, so a site gives you forms for correction and provides you with many services, and the best is that they shorten your time a lot.

Similar to these companies, we find the MANGOOLS company. You can browse its offers and what it offers, and it gives you a 10-day trial for free.

5. Make money from your blog

This, as we know, is that through blogging, website owners can earn thousands of dollars annually, and perhaps millions of dollars, and that is through several methods, the most important of which are:

  • Place ads on your blog
  • Post affiliate links on your site
  • Create paid courses on your site
  • Sell ​​your digital products


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